5 Best Tips for Displaying Product Photos That Sell on Ecommerce Websites

5 Best Tips for Displaying Product Photos That Sell on Ecommerce Websites

In ecommerce, product photography plays one crucial role: helping online shoppers get an accurate picture of what they’ll spend their hard-earned money on. When you own an online store, your customers won’t be able to touch, feel, and scrutinize a particular product up close. They will rely greatly on the images they see to decide whether they should buy something or skip it.  Listed here are 5 best tips for displaying product photos that sell on Ecommerce websites.

How to Maximize the Power of Your Product Photos

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Investing in professional product photography is something you should consider when you want to have high-quality, eye-catching photos on your e-commerce website that helps you boost sales. Seasoned product photographers have the essential tools and equipment to take accurate images of your merchandise at every angle. They can capture high-quality pictures that won’t distort details when viewers zoom them.

Moreover, professional photographers know how certain effects can change the feel and look of a particular image and choose the best ones to add to make the photo stand out. Working with a professional photographer also allows you to feature products of uniform quality, which will help you stand out in Ecommerce.

This will help you provide your website visitors with a pleasant, consistent consumer journey, which can boost your website traffic and conversions. All these reasons make investing in professional product photography services a smart move to have an ecommerce website that attracts customers and encourages them to buy something.

Hiring a professional product photographer ensures you have eye-catching images of your merchandise that can entice your website visitors to make a purchase. However, there are additional strategies and tips you can apply to get more from your product photos.

Below are some of them:

Choose a White Background Whenever Possible


Most professional product photographers recommend using a white backdrop during a photoshoot for a good reason. A white background allows your e-commerce site visitors to see the product clearly. The distraction-free backdrop helps them focus on and scrutinize your merchandise.

This, in turn, allows them to imagine if the product will look good on them (if it is an apparel or accessory) or in the room they want to put it in (if it is a home décor). Many consumers often have difficulties doing these when the product photos have a colored or textured background.

If you have a plain white wall, speak with your photographer about using this as the background. Otherwise, find out if you need to buy a large whiteboard or alternative product that can work as a backdrop.

Display all Possible Product Configurations on your eCommerce site

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If you have merchandise, such as clothes and shoes, that come in various colors, have your photographer take photos of each in the different hues. Do the same if you’re selling differently sized products, including designer bags and bottles of lotions and perfumes.

Although this may be time-consuming, displaying your products in various colors, sizes, and configurations can help your website get more traffic and broaden your target audience. It also increases the time visitors stay on your pages since they’ll have more options to look at and choose from.

Additionally, you’ll be able to help your customers make more informed decisions regarding the particular product they want to buy. The color of each product can affect its overall image. This is where having a professional photographer will work to your advantage; they will be able to change or modify the background, setting, and lighting to ensure they capture accurate photos regardless of the item’s shade.

To help shoppers have a better idea of your product’s sizes, prepare relevant objects you can pair them with to get scale shots. For instance, if you’re selling wallets, place bills and credit cards beside them.  

Post Images of Each Product from Different Angles

Many ecommerce site owners think that five images for each product is enough and going beyond this number is a waste of time and effort. However, as mentioned, online shoppers rely only on what they see to decide whether to buy something or not. Because of this, the more photos you post of each product, the happier your potential customer will be.

With this in mind, have the photographer take photos of your products from every angle or view, including the front, top, sides, and so on. Make sure your merchandise has some close-up pictures as well.

With various photos to view, your online shoppers will be able to verify the quality and features of your products. And to get the most from your set of product photos, use them to tell a story about the product and what it can do.

Ensure Product Photos Provide a Consistent User ExperienceeCommerce store

Having high-quality images of all your products is a good start. But to get the most out of them, you need to make sure they give your e-commerce site visitors an enjoyable viewing and shopping experience. You can do this by making all product images consistent throughout your site.

Start by making sure the default image of all your merchandise has the same orientation or shape (square or rectangular) and the same background and lighting. If you decide on eight photos for each item, ensure everything you display on the product page has the same number.

Lastly, ensure the sizes of the images are consistent. Keep the same margin between each product and its border to maintain uniformity and give your product pages a clean, organized look.

Optimize All Product ImagesDigital Product Launch

Product photos can also help drive traffic to your e-commerce website. As such, you have to optimize your images to ensure they play a role in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Below are some tips and techniques for optimizing the product photos on your e-commerce site:

  • Ensure all images have descriptive names when you save them.
  • Use alt texts.
  • Include only one keyword in each alt text.
  • Choose the best file type.
  • Create sitemaps for the images.
  • Choose the right file size for each image that doesn’t affect their clarity.

Also, remember to keep all image texts to a minimum and avoid keyword stuffing.

Displaying Product Photos That Sell on E-Commerce Websites

Whether you’re setting up your first ecommerce website or need new photos of your merchandise to spruce up your site, focus on getting high-quality, accurate images first. You can do this by hiring a seasoned product photographer. Next, follow these tips and techniques to experience all the benefits of showcasing incredible product photos on your ecommerce site.

AUTHOR BIO: Thomas Olsson is Head of Marketing at Flashy, a photo-tech startup that provides on-demand commercial photography services and photoshoot solutions at scale for businesses and enterprises. Flashy has thousands of high-quality photographers in every GCC country and guarantees delivery of edited content in 24 hours.



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