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How to Improve Process Control with Six Sigma Tools

Aiming for perfection is a pretty lofty concept. It’s definitely not easy, especially when you’re speaking of core business processes. Moving toward perfection requires measurement, analysis, and documentation. If you really want perfection, or the closest thing to it, you need sophisticated tools, like Six Sigma tools. But…is driving toward perfection worth the effort? Continue reading…

Critical Business Processes

Critical Business Processes, Policies and Procedures

Critical Business Processes

The Bizmanualz CEO Company Policies Procedures Manual Series is designed with your critical business processes in mind.  The nine business policies and procedures manuals in the series provide key departments within your organization with examples of the primary business procedures used in writing your company procedure manuals. How do the nine CEO procedure manuals address the critical business processes? Continue reading…

Work Instruction Process Map

Standard Work Instructions Support

Are your standard work instructions out of date due to a significant changes in your accounting systems?

Accounting policies and procedures Word document templates are available that can be used as standard templates of boiler plate work instructions by work functions for purchasing, accounts payable (AP),  accounts receivable (AR), inventory counting, asset control, etc., within the accounting department that can be opened, modified, saved and updated as needed. Continue reading…