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How To Start Writing A Blog About Your Business

Do you want to know how to start writing a successful blog about your business? Do you want to attract a highly interested audience towards your business activities? Then here are some effective ways to start a successful blog.

How To Start Writing A Blog About Your Business

The Internet has become the modern news source with millions of blogs around the globe publishing interesting stories daily. Your story should also be on the internet to be seen by thousands. A blog is useful since it can help attract customers online to your business site, increase sales, raise your authority status in your industry, and help you reach new sales prospects.

Identify Your Blog’s Niche

You need to know what kind of topic/genre your articles will be about that will help you to improve your web presence. A good blog will focus on one topic and maximize it to the fullest for ultimate engagement. If you try to take on too many topics at once, you will end up not digging deeply in any one topic and fail to capture audiences. One way or another, you are bound to get overwhelmed or exhausted by different topics.

Furthermore, with one specific topic, you can research deeply and attract one type of audience who you can then try to convert into customers later on. Find your passion, or an activity you are passionate about and start writing about it. If you have not yet found a passion, write about what you are good at and have experience in. If you are good at farming, then blog about everything on farming.

A Unique Blog Name, Logo and Theme

To gain visibility and command attention, you need a captivating brand identity for your blog. The name should reflect the meaning of your chosen topic to help your readers remember it well. You also need a well-styled, innovative and memorable logo as the symbol for your blog. It should be something cleverly designed to capture attention and linger in the reader’s mind.

To wrap it all up, a nicely-styled theme should complete the combo to give your blog a unique but memorable taste. Fonts chosen for writing should be simple and legible and the color layout should be cool, not too bright nor too dark.

Plan Blog Content

You need to sit down and brainstorm ideas on what you are going to write. Identify potential subtopics you need to explore and start researching them straight away. Have a calendar to dictate when you should write and post. Identify whether you are going to post daily, weekly or monthly. Find the keywords you need to use using keyword tools such as Google’s AdWords keyword planner tool.

Alternatively you can use content management tools to help you plan out your content, or even better, outsource your content writing. However, if you outsource, you are going to have to proofread and rewrite the articles to fit your style.

Create Engaging Content For Your Audience

The internet has millions, possibly billions of other blogs, so there exists possibilities that the reader has seen blogs on the same topic somewhere online. What differentiates your blog from others? You need to be real. Engage with customers as if they were there, present with you. Write on real experiences, something they can relate to. If you are writing about wedding dresses or foreign brides such as in then you need to know types of foreign brides out there and the useful ways that an interested  person can woo them.

You need to provide value to the audience – provide information or advice, provide experiences or help them in a way. People love realness and will quickly subscribe to your blog if you are true.

Use a Unique Style for Your Blog

You need to adopt a unique writing style that defines you. A style that reminds audiences that it is you writing and not any other blogger. Differentiation is important in a market with millions of competitors. Have a unique approach to your content production and narration to enhance the customer experience.

Manage Blog Interactions

Include a space for people to comment on your articles. Read their feedback/comments and take criticism positively. Remember the more you write the better you become at the skill. Also respond to any queries your readers might have on the comment section. You can use WordPress plugins for company blogs to automate some of the daily tasks.

Interacting with the audience by responding to them makes them excited and helps them feel that your blog is real. Research shows 80% of audiences who got responded to by blog authors bookmarked the site or visited the blog again.

Create a Blog Content Calendar

You need to decide whether to post weekly, monthly or daily. Successful blogs have one thing in common – consistency in content production. If you produce quality content, the audience is going to want to see more. Producing frequently helps you gain more traffic hence more subscribers thus more business.

Search engines prioritize blogs that are updated frequently with fresh content and that will help your blog climb the ranks to the first page which will earn you thousands of viewers. To keep a balance between frequency and quality, the best amount is 2 to 3 posts per week.

Make Your Blog Content Shareable

The internet may be vast but not everyone is on the internet all the time. Smartphones have made social media apps all the rage these days. You need to get your content posts to social media for more audiences to see it, from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Medium to Twitter.

Also include buttons below the content so that interested audiences can share it to their social media circles.

Start Writing A Blog About Your Business

A good blog brings with it massive audiences, which in this connected era, translate to huge business dollars. If you follow the above steps, your blog should pull in a crowd, so have fun blogging!

Author Bio: Karl Murphy is a professional journalist from Des Moines, Iowa. After obtaining his Master’s degree, he’s launched his career and over its course, Karl was contributing to the popular publications for men. He also develops his blog

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