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What Are 10 Great Leader Qualities?

One question asked endlessly in business, academic, political, and other circles is, “What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?” The most often quoted answer seems to be, “The manager does things right – the leader does the right things.” What exactly does that mean – “doing the right thing”? Does that mean history tells us whether the leader did the right thing? Can someone be a leader even if they end up on the losing side? What are the qualities of a great leader? Continue reading What Are 10 Great Leader Qualities?

Writing Job Descriptions

How to Write Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions is easily learned. Job descriptions are prepared for all positions in the company to serve as an organizational aid for identifying and delegating responsibilities, coordination, and division of work and prevention of duplication of efforts. What’s in a well-written job description? Continue reading Writing Job Descriptions

How Can You Motivate Better Performance from Within?

Managers often have a lot to do with their employees’ performance, or so conventional wisdom goes. They’re responsible for motivating their employees to turn out quality and perform at their best, as well as for organizing, training, and so forth. However, motivation is a “soft” skill that many managers just don’t come equipped with. Some have never been instructed at length on the topic of motivation, and it’s not a skill one easily picks up on their own. Therefore, many employees need to motivate better performance from within. If not, they lose interest and momentum. Continue reading How Can You Motivate Better Performance from Within?

How Do You Ensure Employee Collaboration?

Collaboration is one of the newer buzzwords to make its way into the businesspersons’ vocabulary. Social media sites like to emphasize the fact that they’re designed to enhance collaborative activity. Collaboration should be encouraged in the workplace as well. So, how do you know when and how to ensure employee collaboration? Continue reading How Do You Ensure Employee Collaboration?