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How to Increase Employee Productivity: 10 Methods of Intangible Motivation

Disengaged employees drag the company down. Only employees who love their jobs and understand their purpose are truly productive. Alas, the number of such is quite disappointing. In the U.S. the figure is only 34%. Therefore, pay attention to the involvement of your employees and then apply the strategies described here for how to Increase Employee Productivity: 10 Methods of Intangible Motivation.

What Affects Employee Productivity?

The high productivity of company employees is the main goal of a manager, but it is not so easy to achieve. You need to know the steps management should take to make employees more productive. Here it is important not to get on the wrong track because of the wrong assessment of the root cause of the problem.

First and foremost, it must not be forgotten that an employee’s performance pays dividends only if he or she:

  • understands the responsibility and spheres of influence;
  • understands the purpose of work;
  • knows the ways and methods of increasing the efficiency of the personnel’s work;
  • is aware of who is responsible for a certain task;
  • has an opportunity to ask for help or consultation in case of problems.

Today, the main influence on improving the efficiency of staff has the involvement of employees in the work process. Insufficient efficiency of personnel can have the following reasons:

  • the employee’s correct solution of the assigned tasks is not noticed either by his coworkers or by the company’s management;
  • the leader sets unclear goals and tasks to his subordinates;
  • the company’s employees tolerate an excessive workload;
  • a single not always suitable work schedule has been chosen for departments dealing with different problems;
  • negative microclimate in the team;
  • excessive control of subordinates;
  • useless meetings and appointments;
  • constant bureaucratic procedures.

To answer the question of how to increase the productivity of employees, it is better to apply a systematic approach, including the rational planning of the activities of the firm or enterprise.

10 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

Increasing productivity is a problem for many governments and businesses. However, it can be solved with a comprehensive approach. To get employees to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently, a manager is better off taking these important steps to improve productivity at work.

1. Monitor and Measure Staff Productivity

Nowadays, using a productivity tracker software application helps to quickly solve such issues. Many software programs have been released, the main function of which is to monitor the personnel’s fulfillment of the work plan. Based on the information collected by the productivity tracker, the manager has the opportunity to optimize current performance.

2. Improve Working Conditions

The Labor Code most fully covers the organization of work: the length of the working day and breaks, the number of bonuses, overtime pay, and travel expenses, including some of the concepts and terms used in the conclusion of the labor agreement between the employer and the employee. As part of the organization of the work process, it is important to designate breaks for employees to rest or eat. Few people are capable of maintaining high productivity during 8 hours of continuous work.

Therefore, rest is always necessary. Studies have shown that short breaks help workers to complete their tasks quickly and practically, while at the same time noting that an increased workload, working without breaks and days off, as well as in 2 shifts, leads to a decrease in productivity. Work in rush mode may be acceptable only in the most extreme cases. Sometimes it makes sense to rearrange the work schedule. Today, more and more organizations, to increase productivity, are transferring their staff to flexible schedules, as well as to perform tasks remotely.

3. Motivate Personnel to Increasing Productivity

Any employee needs to emphasize that the task he/she solved is very important to the interests of the organization. It is especially important for beginners, who are not sure in all cases about the correctness of decisions and evaluation of results. 

Bonus payments are an important motivating factor. Managers of firms that cannot afford sufficient material rewards needs to find other ways to motivate workers. The amount of pay should not depend on the hours spent at the company, but on the actual tasks performed, services rendered, etc. Based on the scope of the firm, its leader must be developed and applied a system of material rewards, which will help him modern programs to monitor and control the actions of staff.  

4. Provide Good Tools

To begin with, most businesses skimp on tools, using low-quality, cheap services, and programs to get the job done. With online editors that “hang” every minute, or platforms with low-quality under-done features, it’s painful to work. Especially for professionals that have worked with good tools before. It doesn’t mean immediately buying all the expensive software and tech that’s on the market right now. Start small with modern IT tools and software.

Here is a rough algorithm for your actions:

  • Determine which department/employee needs to improve in the first place;
  • consult directly with the employee(s) and find out what tools will most improve their work;
  • choose the tool of highest priority for today;
  • Repeat the action until there is room for growth and improvement.

5. Family Values

Your organizational culture includes your family values, as well as company values, and your vision of the workplace. Create a list of company values for your employees to follow. These can be funny or kind tips like smile at everyone, eat pizza every Thursday, play the secret Santa before Christmas. Little things like this not only affect the mood and bring the team together but also increase productivity.

6. Comfortable Working Environment

A comfortable chair, good lighting, room temperature, and even having a cooler and plants will all help your employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. Think about it, is it possible to work productively when the air conditioning blows on your back and a stiff back is already bruising your back?

Comfort can also extend to building an inclusive workplace environment where employees feel comfortable. Inclusion is not limited to diversity, it can mean  making everyone in the office feel included, comfortable working and being there, and comfortable contributing to the company’s mission and vision.

7. Provide Recreation Alternatives

A recreation room, a living nook, or at least a spacious, bright kitchen where employees can take their minds off the work process for a while can help to reduce stress and boost productivity. This is an indispensable attribute in a business looking to be more productive this year. Provide a place for employees to take a break before rushing back into action.

8. Use Courses, Seminars, and Training

Create a good training program and let them learn at your expense. Really good employees will gladly accept an offer of new skills and experience, especially when they aren’t asked to pay for it. Moreover, free training is not a bad motivation. In this case, you get not only competent employees, ready to work better, but also give them the tools to do exactly that.

9. Introduce Productivity Metrics

If you are still not using a KPI scorecard – start now! To do this you will need to:

  • figure out each employee’s key metrics;
  • assess their importance;
  • Set a goal achievement rate;
  • assign a monetary reward.
  • recognize employees for their achievement.

Visual Statistics

Let them see their results. This can be homemade performance scoreboards with pinned completed tasks for each employee or department, or electronic ratings using computer programs. The idea is for them to see their results and those of their colleagues. This creates an atmosphere of healthy competition, which promotes productivity.

Increase Employee Productivity

What influences the performance of your company the most? Its main key mechanism is its employees. Their performance alone determines whether an enterprise will be productive or not in the coming year, and the next year, and the year after that.

My Bio: My name is Carrie Duncan. I’m a PR manager, passionate writer and mother of 2. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. I enjoy instructing and assisting others in achieving their objectives. For example, if you have a lot of employees who are still studying at college, recommend them to use type my essay service. It will save them some time. 


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