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What Makes Good Procedures Good?

Writing good procedures is an iterative process. The basic steps include developing a process map, drafting the procedure, drafting supporting documents (e.g. forms, job descriptions), testing the documented procedure with the real users, and then continuously updating your process map, procedure, and supporting documents in a PDCA cycle of continual improvement. Continue reading What Makes Good Procedures Good?

Why Have Procedures?

Why have procedures? Some would answer this question by providing very long lists of reasons why, these lists sometimes aren’t useful. They are too long to really remember and absorb, plus there is too much overlap and redundancy. Here are four very basic reasons that demonstrate why we should develop procedures to document important process. Continue reading Why Have Procedures?

How Maintaining Procedures Can Stall Company Growth

What are procedures? Procedures are documents that describe business processes. Procedures are one tool we can use to train new and current employees how our processes work, and sometimes we show them how processes interact. Procedures can also help ensure a high degree of consistency in how processes operate and in the results they yield. On the other side, can maintaining procedures have more costs than benefits for your company? Continue reading How Maintaining Procedures Can Stall Company Growth