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What Are the Benefits of Lean 5S System?

5S is an exceptional lean system, in theory. Where it often falls short is in the execution. Now, I’m not saying that for every benefit of Lean 5S system, there’s a drawback. As designed, it’s all good. But like they say, “There are at least two sides to every story.”  What are the benefits of lean 5s system? Continue reading What Are the Benefits of Lean 5S System?

What is an ISO audit process?

“I am here to audit you.” That phrase can strike fear in most of us, thanks in part to our good friends at the IRS. In the business world as well, those five words can send a chill down the spine of everyone from the Finance VP to the shipping department clerk. But it shouldn’t if you have a well run Audit process for Internal Audits. So what is an ISO audit process? Continue reading What is an ISO audit process?

What Quality Tools Are Used for Process Improvement?

There are seven Quality Tools you can and should use to understand and improve processes during a process improvement event. Each tool helps you identify sources of variation and aids in the analysis, documentation, and organization of the information, which leads to process improvement. What are those seven quality tools? Continue reading What Quality Tools Are Used for Process Improvement?

Critical Quality Procedures

What Critical Quality Procedures do you need? Are you plagued by a tight money supply, a tight job market, stagnating production and a general crisis of confidence. Some of you are going about your business logically, methodically, and with a clear sense of direction and purpose. Will you be making great strides forward in the coming years? Among them are implementing or refining your key quality procedures. Continue reading Critical Quality Procedures

What Are Great Examples of Quality?

The Top 10 Quality Gurus are 10 Great Examples of Quality. Those of us in the quality disciplines all know about these people: Shewhart, Deming, Juran, Crosby, Ishikawa, Taguchi, and many others laid a solid foundation for quality practices in the 21st century and beyond. Some of us, I’m sure, can recite ISO 9001 from memory, but memorizing the minutiae isn’t as important as “getting it” — applying the principles of quality to our business and personal lives. Continue reading What Are Great Examples of Quality?

What Is Aerospace Quality AS 9100?

In the aerospace industry, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers have historically dealt with a large number of often conflicting standards and regulations. The number and complexity of these standards,as well as the fact that they often conflicted with one another, made for high costs to produce aerospace goods and did little, if anything, to address the issues of quality, safety, and reliability. So, what is the Aerospace Quality Standard AS 9100 and how did it come about? Continue reading What Is Aerospace Quality AS 9100?

What is Management Commitment to Quality?

Does your organization talk about quality? Does it put quality concepts into practice in every aspect of the business, from design and development to product delivery? Is your firm practicing quality from top to bottom, from the chief executive to your newest hires? Commitment to quality starts at the top and flows from there throughout the organization. Whether management is sold on the notion of “quality in everything we do” or they’re not, the rest of the company follows suit. Continue reading What is Management Commitment to Quality?