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What Drives Organizational Performance?

Organizational performance is occurring at many organizations throughout the world. Yet people constantly ask about how to get started motivating better performance. How do you get your organization moving in a direction of continuous improvement to achieve organizational performance? What drives organizational performance? Continue reading What Drives Organizational Performance?

What Types of Processes Exhibit Control?

What is the purpose of a procedure? To decrease variability? To ensure product and process consistency? Well, as you decrease process variability, you increase process control. Management needs control: management control, process control, internal controls, and controlled outputs. Policies and procedures help provide controls that management wants and that regulators or auditors demand. Control is also a crucial element of corporate governance. Do you know the three types of processes that exhibit control? Continue reading What Types of Processes Exhibit Control?

What Is Continuous Improvement?

What if your sales increased from $100,000 to $110,000 per day and your profit increased from $10,000 to $11,000 – did you improve by 10%? The answer is “no” – no improvement occurred. In fact, your process deteriorated. Sure, revenue increased, but was this really improvement? Let’s look at an example and truly figure out, what is continuous improvement? Continue reading What Is Continuous Improvement?

4 Factors for Business Process Improvement Success

Every business today wants to improve their efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. Business processes drive a company forward and they help it grow. Therefore, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. What are the 4 factors for business process improvement success. Continue reading 4 Factors for Business Process Improvement Success

How to Take Control of the Sales and Marketing Cycle

If you are an organization spending $500,000 or more on marketing expenses (e.g. advertising, trade shows, print materials, direct mail, etc.) then it may be possible to save $250,000. Why you ask? Because the marketing can help your business grow due to its great potential of being very unproductive.
Continue reading How to Take Control of the Sales and Marketing Cycle

How to Find Improvement Opportunities

The first pass assessment is used to understand your metrics, flows, and constraints to flow. In the second pass assessment, we perform a more detailed analysis and produce the data for a Value Stream Map. Next, we build the analysis documents we use to communicate the issues to others. Then we need to put it all together to select improvement opportunities. Continue reading How to Find Improvement Opportunities