Bizmanualz Website Update

Bizmanualz Website Update

Bizmanualz Website Update Launched

Bizmanualz.comThe Bizmanualz website has been updated to showcase all of the individual procedures, forms, and job descriptions available throughout the various manual products we have to offer.Bizmanualz Procedures Manuals

The homepage lists our core offerings from procedure manuals, to software and consulting. Start on the homepage and click on what you need.

Website Navigation

The website navigation makes finding what you need a lot easier than before.

Purchasing CycleEach manual is clearly laid out to show the individual contents.

Manual sections list all procedures and forms in that section.

Notice how the Purchasing Cycle within the Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual clearly shows each procedure and form.

Purchasing ProceduresIndividual Procedures

Now you can get a better look at individual procedures.

Each procedure shows the manual or manual bundle that it can be found within.

It also includes a short description, a listing of forms, and references.

Everything is a short click away.

Related products are found at the bottom.Receiving Inspection ProcedureRelated Products

New Sample Download Page

Now you can download free policies and procedures from all of our products from a single download page.

Checkout The New Bizmanualz Website

Let us know what you think. Is the website any easier to navigate? Can you find what you are looking for? Does the website fit within your mobile device screen? Are the samples easier to download? Yes we have reworked the entire website to make it easier for you. Now it’s your turn to check the website out and provide us with some feedback on how well we did.

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