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AMP Stories: Their Impact on B2B Marketing

On February 13th in Amsterdam, Google announced several changes to their Google search results based on their Accelerated Mobile Pages technology. Two of the main new features based on AMP are AMP for Email and AMP Stories. AMP for Email allows developers to create dynamic email content, while AMP Stories is a new visual format that gives you the ability to tell stories in search results. This article will look at AMP Stories, its potential impact on B2B Marketing, and what are the best tools to create AMP Stories.

What are AMP Stories?

We all know the stories featured on Instagram and Snapchat. AMP Stories are a lot like that, except for mobile search results. As a content publisher, you can create your own images, graphics, and videos which will appear in the AMP Stories section of search results. Google did this to make available mobile-focused visual rich stories.

AMP Stories is just another step that Google has recently made with the aim of becoming a source of information, as opposed to how they always have been a platform for accessing other sources of information. This has helped them retain more traffic because fewer people will need to be referred to other sources.

What Can AMP Stories do for you?

If you are a B2B marketer, you need to recognize the business potential that AMP stories have today. Most white label SEO services make full utilisation of AMP stories, which give them an edge to the competition. Jumping on the bandwagon this early is a great way to maximize potential revenue, because AMP Stories are here to stay, and they will soon become an industry standard.

AMP Stories will not drive traffic to your site, because they stay in Google’s domain. However, they are a great marketing and branding tool for staying relevant to your customers. With AMP Stories, your brand stands to get a lot of visibility.

Plus, because the stories can end with social sharing buttons, you can use them to boost your overall user engagement on social media. As an early adopter, your content can be featured in a very good position because the domain is still unsaturated.

As a B2B marketer, you need create high-quality content that preaches your brand message and promotes your brand identity. You will still need to use keywords in your Internet marketing. Using AMP Stories helps you to rank well in Google SERPs, which is important if you want to get your business in front of potential customers.

Tools to Create AMP Stories

If you want to optimize your page for AMP, it is not as simple as adding a few lines of code to your current pages. To get the most out of AMP, you need to create and maintain a new set of pages that are specifically built for AMP. For every new page, you create, you need to add specific lines of code in your HTML. This will inform Google that your new pages are now tailored for mobile.

All this has to be done manually. You can either code it yourself from scratch or hire a developer to do it for you. In fact, there are companies, such as Ztorie, who have established a tool which can help you create AMP stories for your website. However, if you have a WordPress site, you are in luck. There is a convenient new plugin by Ztorie that will give you the ability to automatically convert all your pages to AMP pages, including your already existing pages.

To get the most out of your new AMP pages, you need to make sure you add your analytics tracking code to every new page you create. This will help you track the performance of every page and optimize them.

Benefits of AMP

AMP was built to speed up mobile page loading times. With AMP, your code is stripped down to bare bones, allowing mobile devices to access your pages at very high speeds. It restricts most CSS styles, especially external style sheets. If you want images and videos to be shown, you need to add a size limiting tag that will allow the image to still render without your page being validated.

Another benefit of AMP is that it gives you the ability to validate all your pages. When you validate your pages, everyone is informed of it. Search engines and third party sites will know that your page is optimized for mobile, and an AMP logo will be displayed next to your page in the SERP. There is also a Chrome extension that automatically checks your pages for you and lets you know whether they are correctly validated.

Page load times and mobile friendliness positively impact Google rankings. With the optimized nature of AMP pages, it is easier to rank for specific keywords in your SEO. Although there is no evidence that AMP currently boosts page rankings, it is very likely that Google will start taking AMP into account very soon.

If you are a smart B2B marketer, you need to start taking implementing AMP Stories in your business marketing strategies today. Not only will it give you a much-needed edge over your competition, but it will also make your content more easily accessible to a wider audience, broadening your reach and maximizing your potential revenue.

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